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Install WordPress NGINX EasyEngine on DigitalOcean + CloudFlare

Do you want a WordPress NGINX based server? Do you want a WordPress DigitalOcean based hosting? Do you want WordPress CloudFlare CDN? Do you want to save money$ on DigitalOcean plan? This post is for you!!! A step by step tutorial on how to install WordPress NGINX based server on DigitalOcean (shorthand: DO) with the help of EasyEngine (shorthand: EE) the easiest […]

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How to style WordPress theme with CSS preprocessor

As a web page creator, we all have the same problem when it comes to CSS. Managing CSS files and the need of changing the design or tweaking the design on the longer run could be very complex if the CSS is not written in a readable manner. Also, we want other developers to understand it. […]

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How to restore WordPress database from .frm & .ibd files – Step by Step

Recently, I got to a situation where I was messing with my server on a live website and over the sudden, the server crashed and so did the website. Fixing the server was impossible so I got stuck only with WordPress database files & WordPress website files which from them I needed to restore the website. I found myself browsing the web […]

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